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Eddie the Elephant has Something to Say: A children's book about AAC

Eddie has lots of ideas... but it is so frustrating when his friends don't understand him! So he comes up with the brilliant idea to create an augmentative and alternative communication device to help him communicate his ideas more clearly.


Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is any mode of communication used to supplement or replace speech, and is used by individuals who have disabilities that impact their speech. 

Eddie the Elephant has Something to Say is a beautifully illustrated children's story that aims to help children and adults learn more about augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Eddie’s story teaches about different ways of communicating, and about the importance of being able to express yourself and be understood. It is written and illustrated by Speech-Language Pathologists Alison Johns and Tara Put, and includes a foreword by AAC communicator Chelsea Hagen.

We believe that our book is valuable not only to help educate the public about AAC, but also to allow children and families who use AAC to see themselves represented in the books that they read.


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